Casademont Zaragoza takes a break in Andorra

The Casademont Zaragoza broke this Saturday his negative streak of four consecutive defeats with a win 83-92 during his visit to MoraBanc Andorra. Jaume Ponsarnau’s men catch air with their fifth win of the season and those of Ibon Navarro say almost goodbye to the Copa del Rey. The best of the Principality was Amine Noua, with 20 points and 19 valuation, and that of the Aragonese, Dino Radoncic, who signed 17 points and 23 valuation.

Start of light and dark for both teams. MoraBanc resisted thanks to the success in the triple, with two from Hannah, one from Miller-McIntyre and another from ‘Drew’ Crawford. The latter, accompanied by an additional shot. From 14-8 the Aragonese went to 0-6 for 14-14 and then Andorran response with a partial 9-2 to place the score at 23-18. To end the first quarter, partial 0-6 to leave a tight 23 to 22. Total roller coaster.

MoraBanc forgot to score and received a 3-10 partial in the first five minutes of second quarter for a 26-32. Ibon Navarro asked for time out. His team disconnected and needed to reactivate his players. Those of Jaume Ponsarnau continued to suffocate their rival and They went on to win by 13 points (28-41) at 2:23 by the break. The locals woke up with a partial 7-1 and the break was reached 35-42 with 11 points and a PIR of 15 for Dino Radoncic.

MoraBanc’s defensive improvement was a fact. Those of Ibon Navarro they increased the intensity and the Casademont Zaragoza stopped scoring easily. The Aragonese talent did not allow the locals to turn the scoreboard, although they approached three points (46-49) with five consecutive points scored by Amine Noua. The visitors, with an attack-inspired Matt Mobley, took the third quarter with a 54-64. Not even the defensive improvement did react to a very irregular MoraBanc.

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At the beginning of the last quarter, Casademont Zaragoza came to win by 14 points (56-70) with an initial set of 2-6 with four points by Adam Waczynski. MoraBanc was hooked at the end of the game with a triple from Conor Morgan and another from Miller-McIntyre to face the last five minutes with a 64-72.

In the painting Hlinason dominated with the success in the ‘pick and roll’ and Waczynski abroad, but MoraBanc pulled individualities and two 3-pointers by Amine Noua at 1:44 put the Andorrans 76-81. An acrobatic triple by Matt Mobley 48 seconds from the end sentenced the match (78-86) and the Aragonese team signed a victory that needed urgently (83-92).

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