Casa de Papel: season 5 of the Netflix series shocked many fans

It’s been a few days now that the first part of season 5 of the series Casa de Papel has been available on Netflix, and it has not failed to make fans react a lot on social networks. Watch out, SPOILERS.

La casa de papel season 5 – Credit: Netflix

Available since Friday, September 3 on Netflix, the first part of season 5 of Casa de Papel has left some fans in shock. Indeed, while the Professor is taken hostage by Alicia Sierra, the team of robbers must face alone two very tense situations : the flight of some hostages and the assault of a team of 8 elite commandos from the roof of the bank.

After taking refuge in the reserve and trapped by the robbers, the hostages did not hesitate to use a flamethrower, grenades and even a machine gun mounted on a pallet truck to clear a passage in the corridor, a situation worthy of the greatest war films.

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Fans compare season 5 to Call of Duty

During the assault on the military, fans were also able to discover scenes that could have come straight out of the Call of Duty video game. Indeed, after intense exchanges of gunfire, the robbers did not hesitate to use a rocket launcher to try to neutralize their enemies. We feel that director Álex Pina wants to create ever more explosive situations to captivate the spectators, at the risk of brushing the limits of the possible.

Fans were also very saddened by the death of a new main character. After the disappearance of Nairobi during season 4, it is now the turn of the character of Tokyo, played by actress Úrsula Corberó, to bow out. Indeed, after being injured by sniper fire and trapped in the kitchen of the bank, Tokyo sacrificed itself for its team by unpinning grenades to eliminate César Gandía and the other soldiers.

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Appointment on December 3 to discover the last five episodes of the series, which should mark the end of the heist. For now, fans are wondering what will happen to Arturo, resuscitated and then taken care of by doctors, as well as Helsinki, seriously injured in the leg during the assault. In the meantime, you can check out the release dates for the next seasons of the Netflix series.

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