Carwow presents its new visual corporate identity

Carwowthe leading platform for online car exchange, is updating its visual corporate identity after 14 years with the aim of restarting the company and position yourself as the ideal agent to assist buyers with the online car exchange process. Since its inception, the company has helped more than 2.5 million buyers and reached 400 professionals across the three European markets in which it operates: United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

Carwow, the platform for fun when changing cars

In many cases, lifestyle changes are driving consumers’ car purchasing habits. According to data from a survey of more than 3,000 vehicle owners conducted by Carwow, Nearly half (47%) felt the process of selling a car was stressful, and more than 40% felt the same about buying. This is mainly because there are more than 40 brands, around 7,500 different models and a variety of fuel options with corresponding regulations and restrictions. This situation is exacerbated by the emergence of Chinese brands on the Spanish market, where they are establishing a strong presence. Therefore, in this new phase, Carwow is positioning itself as the company that supports all these drivers in purchasing a vehicle. The goal is to accompany them and take them to a place where the worries and choice of that new car are reduced. It’s satisfying and not overwhelming.

This change in corporate purpose comes with a complete overhaul of the company’s visual identity, which includes a fully renewed and updated logo, branding, color palette and tone for the first time since the company was founded in the UK 14 years ago. With this, Carwow wants to strengthen its position as the preferred option for people who want to change their car.

“With Carwow, users can learn about cars, enjoy all of our content and find the car they’re looking for in one place,” he explains. Eduardo Torres, General Manager of Carwow in Spain. “Our data shows that changing cars can be a stressful process for consumers and is often associated with moments of change, such as having children, looking for a new job or moving.” That’s why we want to in this new phase and with this new image, highlight the importance that changing a car has in every person’s life and create a brand that rises to the occasion, creates trust and transparency and ensures that the process is fun. . Basically, we want to make changing a car an easy and pleasant experience for everyone.

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This new tone and purpose is also reflected in the company’s YouTube channel in Spain. Led by Juan Francisco Calero, it is one of the largest and best-known automotive world channels on the platform and has more than 10 million subscribers worldwide and almost 1 million nationwide. In this new phase, Carwow will continue to draw on the advice of its reviews and impartial editorial content from experts that reflect this new vision of how a user should feel when purchasing a new car.

Five years of experience in Spain

Our country is a priority market for Carwow and therefore the company has just celebrated the fifth anniversary since its arrival in Spain. During this time, He Marketplace of Cars has managed to establish itself as a digital partner of more than 50% of Spanish dealers and is one of the main growth drivers for the leading manufacturers in the sector. The market share is almost 5% and the annual income growth is 23%.

Since arriving in Spain, Carwow has positioned itself as a strategic partner for both its users and the automotive industry, signing agreements with major brands such as MG or KIA, who trust the company to expand their reach and further advance digitalization. The company focuses on improving the car changing experience, making it exciting and stress-free, and has already helped thousands of Spanish drivers find the car they need.

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