Carvajal’s secret to forgetting injuries: change of plans at Real Madrid

It is no secret to anyone that the right-back is one of those who stays in the Merengue infirmary the longest, but for several months he has been marching regularly and that is his key.

It’s no surprise that full-back Dani Carvajal has been decimated by injuries, as he has had to overcome several injuries during his time at Real Madrid. There are about 27 physical missteps in his medical history, and all of them were the first white team. This has also caused him to miss several meetings with the Spanish national team in various competitions.

The most striking thing is that their injuries have decreased significantly over the last year, with only two recorded, although not serious ones. There were only muscle injuries and some fatigue that cost him three days at most. What was the secret to reducing these types of setbacks? Carvajal himself comments on this in the middle of an interview.

Carvajal injuries
Since the player eliminated this ingredient from his diet, injuries have decreased by 70%.

Dani Carvajal changed his diet and his injuries have since receded

In the middle of an interview with former soccer player Jorge Valdano, the winger noted that his diet a few months ago was very different than it is now. But he specifically removed an ingredient that was causing inflammation in his muscles. This made it more likely that he would be seriously injured. This is gluten, the most important reserve protein in wheat, rye, barley and many other grains.

Without this nutritional component in his diet, the player noticed the changes and expressed this to the former football player and current journalist. The truth is that the Madridista team’s supporters have noticed the change, with Carvajal appearing more frequently in training and in action. With a contract until 2025. What does the future look like for you?

Dani Carvajal’s plans at Real Madrid

At 31, the Madrid defender is already thinking about retiring, but did not give any specific dates. However, he is sure that he wants to make it in his current team because he feels that it is not only the place where he feels happy, but also his life. So far, the former Bayer Leverkusen player remains important in Carlo Ancelotti’s defensive system.

“I have a long-term contract and hope to be able to retire here. For a footballer, being in Madrid is the greatest thing and I think that the moment of leaving the club must be one of the most difficult. It’s not just what it is in Spain and Madrid…It’s the dimension that it has to go to a stadium and fill it up, to a hotel where hundreds of people welcome you…” Dani said Carvajal.

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