Caruso Lombardi underwent surgery for a brain tumor

football technical director Ricardo Caruso Lombardi was operated on head tumor in the Mater Dei sanatorium and, according to himself, he is already in recovery process.

As revealed this weekend in The Ascent x 3hehe first warning signs of the tumor appeared when he was still working as a technical director.

“When I was directing in Belgrano, I started to feel a pain just above the ear. He put ice on me, but he didn’t give it much importance,” Lombardi said.

Since his father had had an aneurysm, he decided to go for a check-up, where the tumor was detected. “I was in various hospitals, clinics and, in short, or I had surgery or I went blind”lament.

“I entered the Mater Dei, they operated on me for six hours and This Monday I get the stitches. Obviously that later I am going to have to do check-ups”, detailed the ex DT.

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