Carrera, Alcántara and de los Santos win gold medals in boxing

The youth Hilary Carrera, Junior Alcántara and Virgilio de los Santos each hung a gold medal on the second day of the international boxing invitational tournament held at the Poliderportivo Fidel Mejía in this city.

For Ecuador, Piero Prieto, María Palacio and Lesli Valencia also won gold medals, while Lisandra Contreras, from Monte Plata, also obtained the first place metal.

The tournament, which has the backing of the Ministry of Sports, is held with boxers from the youth team, a team from Ecuador and a representation from Monte Plata as a target for the First Junior Pan American Games that will take place from November 25 to December 5. this year in Cali Valle, Colombia.

The selected winner will win the Sabana Grande de Boya cup and also has the support of the Mayor’s Office of the municipality of the same name, chaired by Isidro Mieses de Jesús,

Lesli Valencia, from Ecuador, defeated Emely Santana, from the youth national team in the 57 kilos for women, by superiority (RSC) in the second round, while Junior Alcántara, from the national youth team, defeated Ángel by RSC in the first round Martínez, from Monte Plata, in the men’s 52 kilos.

Colombian Alexander Prieto beat Alexander Mateo, from the national youth team, 2-1, in a fight of 69 kilograms, while Virgilio de los Santos, from the national youth team, dispatched Robert in the final by RSC in the second round de Jesús, from Monte Plata, in the 75 kilos.

María José Palacio, from Ecuador, took the gold in the women’s 63 kilos by defeating Sobeida Pérez, of the national team, in the third round.

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In the women’s 51 kilos, Lisandra Contreras, from Monte Plata, won 2-1 against Novoany Núñez, from the national youth team.

In the final fight, in the women’s 69 kilos category, Hilary Carrera, of the national team, defeated the Ecuadorian Kelly Delgado 3-0.



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