Carrefour will invest € 3,000 million until 2026 to increase its online sales

Carrefour, the French group, has decided invest a total of 3,000 million euros over five years to improve digitization and bet on sustainability. This investment will increase your online sales by almost 50% thanks to the collaboration with Goal (formerly known as Facebook).

“The association will cover many aspects of Carrefour’s activity, from internal communication to the employee experience, through customer relations, digital advertising and the digitization of prospects, social communication and social commerce. Meta will help Carrefour to build the future of its mobile environment ”, he claimed Carrefour it’s a statement.

New additions to Carrefour

its main objective right now is triple food sales, since it is the main engine of the company. To do this, they will incorporate new services such as fast shipments in less than three hours, (which is why it has established an alliance with express delivery companies such as Cajoo and Uber Eats) and personal shopper services. Another objective that Carrefour has pending is to further enter the omnichannel. Currently it only has a percentage of 11%.

The union with Meta will enable the French group to be further digitized. In addition, the latter has thoughts of implanting Workplace in the future. This does not mean that the French group is not digitized, which it is, but it would like to position itself as one of the large supermarket companies that can sell through both channels, both physically and online.

“At the end of the first successful transformation plan, we now want to transform Carrefour, a traditional distributor with e-commerce, into a Digital Retail company, which places digital and data at the center of all its operations and its creation model of value”, it states Alexandre Bompard President and CEO of Carrefour.

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