Carrefour and Arena launch the Mediaset España and Beintoo ‘Drive to store’ product

Carrefour has been the first advertiser to launch ‘Drive to Store’ advertising format on data segmentationdeveloped by Mediaset Spain for connected television, obtaining excellent results with a 12% increase in the distribution of visits to points of sale, higher than the market average.

Specifically, Carrefour is a pioneer brand in quantitatively measuring the impact of a campaign, 3×2 in products for children, in all those households with children that were impacted between August 26 and September 2 through televisions with HbbTV technology thanks to a specific creativity call to actionby the agency Arena Media.

«Take advantage of all the opportunities that Connected TV offers us in terms of measurement and Being able to qualify the impacts with metrics linked to the business is essential to measure the success of Carrefour campaigns. HbbTV formats not only allow us to be more relevant by positioning ourselves within the content, but we can now demonstrate their effectiveness in terms of store traffic.”indicates Sandra Serrano, Arena Media Account Manager.

Mediaset España’s ‘Drive to Store’ format develops solutions that unify, in this case, inventory of connected tv, mobiletablets and PC’s through the data and technology, a product pioneer in the national market designed by Publiespaña in collaboration with Beintoocompany of mobile dating belonging to the Mediaset Group. It is specially intended for clients from sectors such as the automotive industry, large distribution, fashion, jewelry and accessories or restaurants, among others, who want to evaluate the upward profitability of their investment in the CTV.

«‘Drive to Store’ offers advertisers the possibility of measuring the ‘uplift’ of consumers who have been exposed to the advertising spot compared to those not exposed, thus attributing the credit of the visit to the point of sale to the campaign with television data connected. Thus, it constitutes a support that increases coverage and improves the scope of communication in a highly efficient way and with a plus of quantification». stands out Salvador Figueros, Marketing Director of Publiespaña.

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This new product for which Carrefour has opted, is built from the advanced modelinga audience graph that connects televisions with other devices to create 360º audiences throughout the company’s connected universe and the exclusive technology of Beintoowhich through its system and its experience is capable of tracking and collecting geo-behavioral data of around 7 million users in Europe.

To carry out the result of ‘Drive to Store’, publiespaña choose with the client the audience segments that interest them the most and launch a campaign especially aimed at them, in this case of Carrefour, households with children. Subsequently, it activates the audience graph to link television devices with related mobile devices, present in the Beintoo data. From there, the behavior of visits to the point of sale of these mobile devices is analyzed, distinguishing impacted and non-impacted to scale the impact of the campaign.

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