Carolina Marín will reappear in Madrid: “I want to feel the love”

The wait is over. Carolina Marín (Huelva, 28 years old) already has a place and date of return: from April 25 to 30 in Madrid, at the 2022 Badminton European Championships, in exactly one month. “For me, it is a very important day. I return to the competition, at the European Championship in Madrid. I am very happy, very excited and motivated”, this is how the Olympic champion herself announced it at a press conference, in the Sala Samaranch of the Higher Sports Council, with AS present and the warmth of his entire team, vital in these long eleven months of recovery. “I only have words of thanks for the whole team. We have not had any doubts and they have supported me at all times”, Marín thanked. Along with her, also, Andoni Azurmendi, president of the Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA), and José Manuel Franco, Secretary of State for Sport. “There can be no better news today than the return of Carolina. When I spoke to her after the injury, she surprised me once again. She has some impressive competitive genes. Two days later, he was already starting to work, with his knee bandaged. Carolina represents the values ​​of sport, overcoming, tenacity. She is extraordinary and it is a day of glory, “declared the latter.

The feeling of an entire country and an entire sport, orphan of its most representative figure since, in a training session last May, misfortune once again got in the way of Carolina. The final diagnosis, the worst possible: torn anterior cruciate ligament and the two menisci of his left knee. The first reaction, the first stone towards a recovery that is now materializing: “This is another blow that I have to face, but have no doubt that I will return,” explained the Spanish player, at that time, in a statement. “The last few months have been intense. We have had some setbacks and that is why the return has been somewhat delayed. We have accumulated problems in the knee, a cyst…. When I found out that the European Championship was going to be held in Madrid, I was very excited. We talked about it with the team and we put it in the spotlight”, he explained today, with an indelible smile on his face, coming from” one of the best training sessions I’ve done “.

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In 2019, he has already overcome one of those monsters that, all too often, try to keep athletes from their goals. Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee (opposite) and seven months of recovery. Pandemic through, he returned with an unusual force given the circumstances. In Madrid, with the push of their own, the return can be even more ferocious. At the very least, it will be special. “I don’t want to set a goal for myself, but those who know me know that I want to win it. Above all, I want to enjoy myself again, to feel the support and affection of the people,” explains Marín, five-time European champion, about the continental appointment in the capital.

Go back where you left off

“As we said yesterday…” The iconic phrase, of controversial attribution, is the best possible starting point. Before the injury, in 2021, Carolina accumulated four titles in five tournaments played. The formidable state of form, without going any further, automatically placed her in the first position in the race towards Olympic gold, her second after the success of Rio 2016. Tokyo has become Paris 2024, but the illusion remains intact. “Sometimes it’s hard to find strength. I fell very low in this injury. I saw everything very black, but after three days I changed my mentality. If this has happened is for something, I thought. What calmed me down was thinking that these Games were not for me and, within the bad, for the following there are only three years left, a motivation,” says Marín, who wants to resume work where he had left off. Next week, starting Monday, a three-week concentration will begin in Sierra Nevada. In the heights, to reach Madrid at the optimum point. You can and you think you can. As usual.

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