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Carlos Veitía remembers the first days of the National Theater

Carlos Veitía remembers the first days of the National Theater

Carlos Veitia He was barely 15 years old when, on August 16, 1973, President Joaquín Balaguer inaugurated the National Theater. Today named Eduardo Brito National Theater.

His mother, the dancer Clara Elena Ramírez, was also immersed in the organization, since dancers friends of hers who were part of the “Harkness, Ballet of New York” arrived in the country, the first company to dance in the Main Hall of the theater, in addition to being the choreographer of the operas that were presented the following days, in which she was dancing as part of the cast of dancers.

Veitía, who was a student at his mother’s school, on that inauguration day, remembers the movement behind the scenes and the mobilization of a large number of soldiers in the presence of the president.

The inauguration of the impressive building was a historic event, which was described as a white elephantregistering even protests led by a youth that did not like the work of President Balaguer, who in those years ruled “with a heavy hand”, having an open war with the Dominican youth.

first presentations

The first concert to go on stage, on August 16, 1973, was offered by the National Symphony Orchestra, presenting “Pastoral Suite, Concerto in E flat major (for two piano and orchestra) by WA Mozart. Soloist Manuel Rueda and Oscar Luis Valdez Mena, directed by Manuel Simó.

In a second act “Poema” (Violin and orchestra), by E. Chausso. Soloist Jacinto Gimbernard. “Gloria” (Solemn Mass) by LV Beethoven.

The National Choir, directed by José Delmonte, with performances by Terra Garrigoza (soprano), Ivonne Haza de Bisonó (Mezzo Soprano), Arístedes Incháustegui (tenor) and Frank Lendor (bass). Under the direction of Carlos Piantini.

Other memorable performances on August 22 and 23 were the presentations of “Harkness, New York Ballet” with the National Symphony Orchestra, directed by Samuel Krachmalnick. On August 24, the London Chamber Orchestra continued the opera “La Traviata” for two days in September. During the inauguration festivities, the National Spanish Theater Company performed several plays, including “Don Juan Tenorio”, “La niña boba” and “El sueño de la razón”.

For the time it was the fifth largest theater in Latin America, and had an inauguration at the height of a great theater. Since then his policy has been based on making room for the excellence of Dominican and international art. The professionalism of the artists who take to the big stage must have been proven.

In the 70’s only the National Symphony Orchestra was recognized as a highly professional institution, the other arts began to stand out and take important steps towards maturity. So Dominican art grew and perfected itself as the years went by, being welcomed to perform in the Main Hall of the National Theater, which became the seal, par excellence, of quality for all artists, shows, classical and popular concerts, plays and others that were presented in the emblematic hall.

The famous dancer never imagined that five decades later he would be in charge of the management of the theater and the responsibility of celebrating its 50th anniversary.

He will be serving a year in the position, but since he took over the management he began to work on the preparations for the great celebration. “Directing the National Theater for me is a very serious undertaking, I am aware that my function is public and official, that we all pass through here and that the National Theater belongs to the whole world, but if you do not have it as part of your life, even personal, although not your own, it would be impossible to dedicate so much time to it, even up to 12 hours of work”, he explains.

The current director stressed that the 50th anniversary celebration is a celebration of the career and professionalization of the Dominican scenic and musical artist.

“The National Theater was a factor of vital importance for the growth of the Dominican artistic class, because having a rigorous stage that requires the professionalization of artists, was the engine that prompted us to have a professional artistic class today, which we are celebrating in this 50 years of life that our National Theater has.”


Carlos Veitía recalled that the celebration of the 50th anniversary begins next Thursday, August 3 and Friday, August 4. Juana la Loca… Madness or conspiracy?

It will feature the performances of Carlota Carretero and Mary Gaby Aguilera in the skin of adult and young Juana, respectively. They will be accompanied by Elvira Taveras (Queen Isabel), Ernesto Báez (King Fernando), José Guillermo Cortines (Felipe El Hermoso), Hony Estrella, (Beatriz de Bravante), Karina Noble, (María de Ulloa), Miriam Bello, (Fátima) Karla Hatton, (Lady Juana 2), Miguel Lendor, (Bishop 1), Pepe Sierra, (Cardinal Cisneros) and Richarson Día z (Priest).

It will also feature the live participation of a 16-voice choir, directed by Nadia Nicola. While, the style direction is in charge of Pablo Pérez, audiovisual production by Aidita Selman and musical production by Junior Basurto Lomba, set design, Carlos Ortega and Carlito Ortega.

On August 10, the National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestro José Antonio Molina, will go on stage with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. A 100-voice choir, together with invited international and national lyrical soloists, who will complete this famous work by the great German composer.

The National Theater Volunteers chaired by Mrs. Melba Segura, widow Grullón, joins this celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Eduardo Brito National Theater with the Voces de Oro Concert. A gala evening with the magnificent South African soprano Pretty Yende, the Spanish tenor of the moment Xavier Anduaga, and the conductor of the Canary Islands Symphony, maestro Pablo Mielgo.

In a night where we will have foreign artists, invited to join this national celebration. On August 12, the curtain of the Carlos Piantini room will go up to enjoy this night that will culminate the anniversary month.

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