Carlos Tevez is a candidate to direct the Sub 20

Carlos Tevez returned to the public scene after passing through the technical direction of Rosario Central and affirmed last night that “I would be very excited to be in a project with the Argentine under 20 team, with Lionel Scaloni as head”.

You look He described himself as a “player trainer” and stated that he wants to “return to the arena of technical management, but continuing in Argentina“, because it is where he wants to continue taking his “first steps as a coach”.

And the sub 20, for someone who played in the national team is a dream. Whether it’s the Sub 20 or why not the Sub 17. If one enters into that project, I would ask that they let me prepare something to present, because I have a way of teaching, a work modeland later, if both coincide with the one that the AFA has, that it serves as a lesson for boys of that age. I am passionate about teaching the player, how is it not going to seduce me to be there“Tevez remarked to ESPN tonight.

“But I also say that If they call me from a club where there is a colleague working, I cannot accept, because it would not be ethical“, warned. In the sub 20 Javier Mascherano has just resigned.

Tevez maintained that he is “39 ​​years old (he turned them on February 5) and therefore has a long way to go. I am finishing putting together my coaching staff with another field assistant, but I cannot give the name because he is currently working“, he warned.

Later he reviewed his successful career, He stood out at the wheel of Rosario Central Gino Infantino as one of his “favorites” and finally reiterated that today He is not “in a position to be a leader. It is that I am not prepared for that“, the “Apache” argued in closing.

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