Carlos Soler sets unusual conditions to renew with Valencia CF

The very high bar on the part of one of the most important players of the team to be able to continue linked to the future

One of the Valencia CF captains, as he is Carlos Soler He has left an accurate reflection in his last meeting with the club’s senior agents, and it is in reference to his continuity. The midfielder who finishes contract the next June 30, 2023 He has expressed his desire to continue but only if they sign what he wants.

In other words, he wants the club to substantially improve its squad in the transfer market and surround it with quality and experience. It is something unusual, taking into account that the players do not usually intervene in dependencies that are the absolute power of both anil murthy and of Peter Lim.

Carlos Soler
Carlos Soler questions his continuity at Valencia CF

With this demand, Carlos Soler has left many doubts inside Valencia CF

The midfielder, who has been one of the highlights of the season for the bats, has expressed his desire to make a leap in quality with the team. He does not hide his love for colors but he is worried about not seeing a set course for the group. Remaining in cloaks of doubt does not guarantee anything and on the contrary accelerates the departure plan of many.

He knows that with José Bordalás they have strategic quality, but they must assume their roles in order to serve the fans with results. With what they have right now they are having a lot of difficulties and that just to be able to survive in the first division, which is not the objective of all this at all.

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Doubts between accepting their requests and putting it on the market

Peter Lim has been trying to speed up the squad for a year; locating middle-class players and exposing new talent to clean up the club’s economy. Although he has not given him results and has been more immersed in permanence than in qualifying for international cups, he does not seem close to accepting pressure like this.

Which shows that Carlos Soler does not necessarily have a guaranteed place in the team. Rather he is being singled out for a breakout, and whatever has to happen in the summer happens. Fortunately, they could still get a good slice of the deal and qualify for growth. There is a lot of fabric to cut and still counting.

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