Carlos Sainz’s serious warning before getting on the Ferrari in Monaco

A small scare for the Spanish Formula 1 driver before the Grand Prix is ​​clarified through social networks so as not to generate controversy

The panorama of the Formula 1 experienced a moment of tension prior to the Monaco Grand Prix. Carlos Sainzthe star driver of Ferrari, suffered a slight mishap during a charity football match, an annual event that precedes the race weekend and in which other renowned drivers such as charles leclercFernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly.

An image of Sainz circulated on the internet after the match after the charity match shared with other sports stars, in which he was seen with a bandage on his right thigh after being substituted. This raised speculation as to whether the Spanish driver would be fit to take part in the race weekend in Monaco.

Carlos Sainz Ferrari driver at the charity match

Sainz denies injury rumors before the race

However, Sainz, with a quick and determined reaction, went to social media to put an end to all worries. He claimed that he is not in danger of missing the Monaco Grand Prix, despite the blow he suffered during the soccer match. “Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I am fine and fully ready to race this weekend in Monaco,” said Sainz.

Sainz also clarified that the incident during the soccer match it was not an injury. “What happened yesterday was just a contact during the traditional charity football match, but it was not an injury,” said the Ferrari driver. After this clarification, the Spanish driver expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming race. “I enjoyed playing football like I always do and now I’m really looking forward to the weekend,” he added.

Ferrari looking to end a difficult streak in Monaco

Ferrari enters the weekend with hoping to beat a streak the hard way which leaves him in third place in the Constructors’ Championship after the first five rounds. Last time out in Monaco, Leclerc and Sainz took the front row but had a difficult race that saw Red Bull emerge victorious at the finish line through Sergio Perez.

The team based in Maranello it is not expected to bring significant updates for the racetrack, unlike its rivals Mercedes. However, this does not diminish the expectations of Sainz and his team. The skills and perseverance of the Spanish driver have proven to be enough to face any challenge on the circuit.

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