Carlos Sainz threatens Ferrari with his future: offers are raining

The Spanish Formula 1 driver of the Italian team asks for a clear answer before the lack of consistency with his future in the team

Carlos Sainz, pilot of Scuderia Ferrari, whose contract expires at the end of the 2024 season of Formula 1, has expressed his preference to know his future with the Maranello team at the end of the championship or, at the latest, at the beginning of next year. The Spaniard has been a “victim” of recent transfer market rumors that placed Lewis Hamilton in his seat on the Italian team. However, the rumors have been promptly denied by all parties involved.

“Obviously, I don’t want to reveal what my strategies are in terms of contract negotiations, because it’s something that I never disclose,” said the Ferrari driver in Monaco regarding his contractual situation. Carlos Sainz He adds: “There was a time when I used to read the media a lot, try to find out more. Now, I prefer to focus on my weekend”.

Carlos Sainz Ferrari driver

Sainz performance with Ferrari

“If you have heard me in past interviews, I have always said that I like to go into a Formula 1 season knowing where I am going to race the following year, because that is what I experienced with Renault and I did not like it at all. Not necessarily this year, but before the start of next year or during the start of next year. Everything planned, that would be the goal”highlighted the Spanish pilot.

The former McLaren driver joined the Italian team in 2021 after standing out with the Woking team. His performances over the last three years have been up and down, showing that he is rarely on the same level as his teammate Charles Leclerc, both in qualifying and in the race. Although this season he is getting better results than the Monegasque.

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Rumors about a possible replacement of Sainz by Hamilton

Carlos Sainz’s contract ends in 2024, and recently there have been several rumors about a possible replacement for Lewis Hamilton in the number 55 car. Asked if he had discussed these rumors with Frederic Vasseur, Carlos Sainz replied: “Honestly, no, because in the end, I feel like I don’t need to. I know that this time of year, there are always these kinds of rumors. It’s the silly season.”

“A week and a half ago, they said that I was going to Audi, a week ago Charles went to Mercedes, now Lewis comes to Ferrari. It is the story of our lives at this time of year. I have been in Formula 1 long enough, more than eight years, to know that it is that time of year”, added the Spaniard. “Now I focus on myself, and in the past, it has always worked well for me,” explained the Ferrari driver.

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