Home Sports Carlos Sainz shows his teeth at Ferrari after Hamilton’s announcement

Carlos Sainz shows his teeth at Ferrari after Hamilton’s announcement

Carlos Sainz’s departure from Ferrari marks the beginning of a new era at Hamilton

The signing of Lewis Hamilton for Ferrari has shocked the world of Formula 1, with Carlos Sainz being the most affected by this monumental move. Hamilton, seven-time world champion, will leave Mercedes in 2025 and move to Ferraria historic change for the British driver and an unexpected turn for Sainz.

This surprising step forces Carlos to give up his seat to Hamilton, which ended his time at Ferrari after four years. Despite the news, Sainz appears professional and committed in his final season in red and promises to give everything for the team and its fans.

Carlos Sainz Hamilton
Speculation over his next team is growing, with the possibility of joining ambitious projects that would mark the next chapter of his F1 career.

Sainz’s future after his departure from Ferrari

Sainz’s arrival at Ferrari in 2021, recommended by then boss Mattia Binotto, showed his ability by outperforming Charles Leclerc in his first year despite the difficulties. However, The pressure from the media and the preference for Leclerc as the team’s favorite shaped his time with the team.

Although Sainz showed notable adaptations and improvements, particularly in 2023, Hamilton’s announcement opens a new chapter for him outside of Ferrari. With the Mercedes seat vacant due to Hamilton’s departure, Carlos Sainz has several options to continue his career in Formula 1.

Possible goals for Sainz in 2025

Sainz’s interest in the Audi project (now Sauber, like Stake F1) represents an attractive possibility, although it would represent a long-term challenge far from the immediate podium places. In addition, the contract situation of several drivers opens further doors at teams such as Alpine, Williams, Red Bull and even Aston Martin. promises an active transfer market and possibly surprising for the Spanish pilot.

Sainz’s announcement about his future is awaited with great anticipation, as the driver prepares for his final season with Ferrari, hoping to triumphantly close his chapter at Maranello. His ability to adapt and overcome adversity was evident, and his next step will be crucial in his quest to continue competing at the highest level.

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