Carlos Sainz ridicules Ferrari: He won’t agree to an extension

The Spanish driver surprises the world of Formula 1 by becoming Ferrari’s leader in the 2023 season on his own

The Spanish driver has been in the Formula 1 orbit for nine years, and in the 2023 season he made a surprising turn. Carlos Sainz’s performance on track has ridiculed Ferrari, the team he signed with in 2021 and which is now seeking his renewal. From the start of the season in Bahrain to the recent fifteenth race in Singapore, Sainz has shown a performance that has increased a thousand-fold.

While in previous years His future at Ferrari was in doubt, this time he emerged as a team leader on his own merits.. There’s no denying that Ferrari’s SF-23 has gotten significantly better in terms of performance. The team found the formula to fix the problems that plagued the car. Although it was among the fastest on a flying lap, it was unable to translate that potential into race results due to wear issues and a lack of speed.

Carlos Sainz Ferrari
An amazing change in the 2023 Formula 1 season,

Carlos Sainz will be Ferrari’s leader in the 2023 season

Without a doubt, Carlos Sainz managed to distance himself in the standings, gaining a lead of 19 points over his teammate Charles Leclerc and showing greater consistency in the last few races. Sainz himself expressed his commitment to his team over the holidays, saying: “I sat down with my engineers over the holidays and said, ‘What can we do?’ It was clear we had a lot of pace, but for one reason or another we never managed to finish the job on Sunday.

The potential was there and we were looking for a way to exploit it“. His efforts led to the best weekend of his career, with pole and victory in Singapore as highlights. The road to the top began in Zandvoort, where Sainz demonstrated his potential with fifth place. At Monza, motivated by the support of the Ferrari team, he achieved his first pole of the year and his first podium, finishing third after keeping Verstappen and Pérez at bay.

Charles Leclerc praises his teammate’s performance

The triumph in Singapore, where Verstappen and his RB19 showed themselves vulnerable for the first time in a long time, cemented his status as one of the standout drivers of the season. Sainz couldn’t hide his personal satisfaction: “I had two chances this season and took advantage of both. I’m proud, it’s a personal satisfaction.”

Even his teammate, Charles Leclerc, who is considered the “chosen one” in Italy, will become the next champion with FerrariHe praised Sainz’s performance: “Carlos was very strong in Monza and here. It’s great that I’m in this condition because it also helps me understand my driving style a little better and try to adapt my driving style to this car that I’m not completely comfortable with. I have too much understeer for my liking and it’s hard to drive. “Now it’s up to me to catch up.”

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