Home Sports Carlos Sainz provokes an open war between Ferrari and Formula 1

Carlos Sainz provokes an open war between Ferrari and Formula 1

Carlos Sainz’s incident in Las Vegas triggers reactions at Ferrari

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, part of the Formula 1 calendar, has left an indelible mark, particularly on the Ferrari team and its driver Carlos Sainz. What started with an unexpected incident due to a poorly sealed sewer that damaged Sainz’s car triggered a series of events that affected the Italian team’s performance during the race.

The competition was lively, with Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and “Checo” Pérez fighting for first place. However, a mix of mistakes and bad luck, particularly in the management of the safety car, left Leclerc without the victory that seemed assured.

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz’s situation in Las Vegas could be a starting point for significant changes in how Formula 1 deals with unforeseen events, improving the experience for teams, drivers and fans.

Carlos Sainz’s situation and its impact on the final result

Ferrari’s performance in Las Vegas was outstanding and the team showed great potential to win. However, a penalty imposed on Carlos Sainz eliminated him from the race for the top spots.a fact that did not go unnoticed by Fred Vasseur, the Ferrari team boss.

Vasseur’s dissatisfaction stemmed not only from the incident itself, but also from how the situation was handled. “I’m a little more upset about the way they handled it than the incident itself,” Vasseur said., quoted by Racing News 365. Their frustration is compounded by similar incidents at other grands prix, including Monaco, Malaysia and Baku.

Ferrari’s response and handling of incidents in Formula 1

Vasseur plans to hold private discussions with interested parties to suggest a possible review of how Formula 1 deals with these unexpected situations. While Vasseur acknowledges how difficult it is to predict such incidents, he insists that an organization such as Formula 1 must improve its management of these events..

Ferrari’s actions following the Las Vegas incident reflect its commitment to fairness and integrity in the sport. The team’s response to adversity on and off the track demonstrates its determination to compete on a level playing field and its constant pursuit of improvements in competition management.

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