Carlos Sainz has a better offer than Alpine to leave Ferrari

After his last stint with the Italian manufacturer, the Madrid driver seems full of opportunities in Formula 1

The talented driver from Madrid is facing a pivotal moment in his career after his contract with Ferrari ended at the end of 2024 Carlos Sainz appears to be brimming with opportunity as it turns out that under the Sauber structure, Audi has plans to make him their team leader and thus surpass Alpine.. Given the regulatory change in gensets, this offering represents a unique opportunity for Sainz.

However, Thanks to British reporter Joe Saward’s revelation, the future looks bright for Sainz. Details of a tempting offer from Audi were revealed. That he has ambitious plans to enter Formula 1 under the Sauber structure, which currently competes under the Alfa Romeo name. From 2025 this team will officially become Audi and the German brand is looking for a leading driver to lead their adventure in the world of racing.

Carlos Sainz Alpine
The Spaniard faces a pivotal moment in his career after his contract with Ferrari expires at the end of 2024

Audi is looking for Carlos Sainz to lead his team in Formula 1 and leaves Alpine off the track

Sainz’s talent and experience in Formula 1 has been widely recognized over the years.. He has demonstrated his skill and ability on the track, making him an attractive choice for Audi. The chance to lead a large team and work with a renowned manufacturer like Audi is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any Formula 1 driver.

Also Audi sees the Spanish driver as a potential market leader and this could be particularly relevant given the regulatory changes that will impact it in aggregates from 2025 onwards. The regulations, aimed at encouraging competition and reducing disparities between teams, could create a level playing field and give Audi and its top driver the opportunity to shine and compete on an equal footing. .

Audi is looking for a reference driver for its adventure in Formula 1

However, the Alpine team has also shown interest in Carlos Sainz’s servicesAudi’s offer seems more attractive for the driver from Madrid. The prospect of leading a new team and working directly with a car manufacturer like Audi is an opportunity few drivers can afford to pass up.

News of this offer has undoubtedly delighted fans of the Spanish driver, who are excited to see how his future in Formula 1 unfolds.The opportunity to see Sainz at the wheel of an Audi car raises great expectations in the racing world.

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