Carlos Sainz convinces Fernando Alonso to sign for Ferrari in 2023

The driver from Oviedo will start seventh in order to put on a good show

In the last hours, Carlos Sainz and Ferrari have made history by getting their first pole in the F1exactly 10 years after the last of Fernando Alonso at the 2012 German GP. Silverstonethe track where a single-seater in this category was ridden for the first time, in July 2013.

Without a doubt, it was a turning point that awaited after a terrible beginning of seasonwith a ferrari winner that he was not going, but that he was able to put on the sidewalk in a Dantesque day due to the rain and the dangers that each curve and each braking contained. An epic pole altogether.

The man from Oviedo wants a winning car

The first pole at Silverstone was for the man from Madrid

In this way, the race will be dry, but Sainz starts first ahead of Verstappen and Leclerc, with the possibility of achieving his first victory in F1, and completing the job. “The pace has been there all weekend, except for FP3,” Sainz said.

However, he went on to say, “I think we’ve fixed the bugs for the qualifier. I’m sure Max and Charles will put pressure on me, but I’m going to give everything to try to win”, said a sober and slightly emotional Sainz after getting out of the car. A few words that surprised all the spectators of the pilots.

The invitation to Ferrari for Fernando Alonso is a good idea for 2023

“Thanks to the fans for the encouragement. The Spanish have a hard time with the rain and you always stand in the stands. I had a lot of problems on the track and I was on the delicate line because the car was whipping. In the end I thought my lap was nothing special, but it was enough for pole”.

There is no doubt that Fernando Alonso is one of the best drivers in the history of motorsports, but it cannot be denied that it is often important to have a good car. This is what Carlos Sainz has said when inviting Alonso to join Ferrari for 2023.

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