Carlos Sainz bows his head for the superiority of Fernando Alonso

The Ferrari driver explained that he is not enjoying the fight with the man from Oviedo

Through an interview, Carlos Sainz has analyzed what happened last weekend in Miami and also had time to refer to Fernando Alonso. “I don’t think we can be happy, especially after fighting for the podium in the first part.” A very strong message from the Spanish.

Thus, Carlos Sainz started third behind ‘Checo’ Pérez and Fernando Alonso, surpassed the Spaniard with a good ‘undercut’, but his compatriot returned it to him a few laps later with newer tires. Without a doubt, it was a moment of great emotion for the pilot and all his followers.

Fernando Alonso Carlos Sainz
The man from Madrid recognizes Alonso’s remarkable performance

The problems that the Italian team has faced to face other pilots

We were looking to surpass Fernando Alonso, the pace was really good on the medium tyre. We were looking for a podium finish and then all of a sudden everything changed when we put in the hard ones. I had to pass some traffic and I had a bit of dirt on my tires”, Sainz explains in the interview.

In fact, he points out that Ferrari’s big problem is in the race, not in qualifying: “From there the pace slowed down massively and we kind of snapped back to realitywhich is that at this moment we are not fast enough in the race”, began the Spanish driver, Sainz.

The nightmare that Fernando Alonso has become for the careers of Carlos Sainz

However, he went on to say: “And with long runs on harder compounds, we tend to have more problems than the others.“. Without being able to fight face to face with Alonso, he is not enjoying the expected duel, “I am not enjoying it very much, because I always feel that I look at the rear-view mirrors more than normal.”

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It’s true that Ferrari tends to qualify a bit better than Aston, but they are still, in racing, quicker.“, has added. Finally, he recognized Alonso’s superiority on Sundays: “Fernando is very competitive in the race, which means they have better tire management and I usually have to defend myself against him.”

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