Carlos Martín’s Atleti B dreams big

One step. It is what Atleti B has left to achieve their second promotion in two seasons. Tevenet’s team wants to get out of the hole they had seen doomed with their fall to the Third RFEF in that reconfiguration of the categories. Two games are missing to be able to be in First Division. They were not easy semifinals, Espanyol B demanded and made him sweat the hell out in Majadahonda, but the mattress fort remains impregnable. Led by Carlos Martín, well above the level of the category, tomorrow the draw will determine who is the last stumbling block to achieve the great goal of the season.

It was a locked game, with the tension of playing the entire course on one card. Diego Bri’s goal in Barcelona It gave the colchoneros a huge advantage, but Espanyol was going to sell their skin dearly. After a few minutes of trial and error, without chances in any area, Atlético began to grow on the back of Carlos Martín. Fallen to the left wing, each touch and contribution of his improved the playwithout forgetting to run meters and meters in defense to help Arumí. It is not surprising that he has had minutes in the last three games with Simeone. Guerrero found him on the inside, the 10 gave way to Cala whose shot in the area was touched by Joan Puig to miraculously save his team. The Catalan interior returned to be pure imbalance with its internees inside.


Atletico Madrid B: Iturbe, Marco, Kostis (F. González 81′), Joel Arumi, J. Boñar (Sergio Díez 57′), Gismera (Alber 81′), Guerrero (Assan 73′), Cala, Carlos M., Diego Bri and Dani G. (Ethyan 73′).

Spanish B: Ángel, Omar (Lancho 77′), Gorjón, Villahermosa (Carvalho 77′), Roca, Becerra (Abde 63′), Nabil, Joan Puig (Mangada 77′), Simo, Roger Martínez and Javi (Dacosta 63′).

Referee: Roca Robles, who booked the rojiblancos Boñar (29′), Gismera (41′), Kostis (49′) and the visitors Joan Puig (10′), Roca (12′), Roger Martínez (38′) and sent off with Direct red to Dacosta (82′) and Lancho (90+1′).

GOALS: 1-0 min. 52, Bonar; 2-0 min. 75, Carlos M. (P)

Upon the rojiblanca arrival, Espanyol would respond with a strategic action that ended with Nabil heading wide in the six-yard box. Atlético was barely saved, but the former Manchester City player was a headache for the defense every time he managed to face with meters ahead. Luis Blanco’s team grew as the minutes went by and ended up demanding the central defenders, with an imperial Marco Moreno and the aerial solvency of Kostis, together with his good ball output. Iturbe, huge from above, and Tevenet breathed when the referee decreed the end of the first half. He was living near the mattress area.

And the beginning of the second was precisely what the parrots did not want. A forced corner kick taken by Carlos Martín ended with Guerrero controlling the area and yielding back to the appearance of a Boñar who scored a goal that unleashed madness in the Cerro del Espino. At 17 years old, he has experienced a year of enormous growth. He has established himself as Tevenet’s right-back after starting the course in the Torres youth team, with whom he completed his second Youth League goal in the Metropolitan included. He will come of age several steps ahead of the footballers of his generation.

Espanyol recovered well, even having a ghost goal with a new header from Nabil that seemed to bounce off the line before being repelled. But, once again, Atlético got down to work with that trident formed by Carlos Martín, Diego Bri and Cala who are pure imbalance. The last one forced a penalty that transformed the first one like Panenka, showing again that he plays with several revolutions less than the rest. The second goal killed the game and started hostilities.

Espanyol did not know how to manage their emotions and ended up with nine players on the pitch after Dacosta and Lancho were sent off, both after coming off the bench. The striker was going crazy, facing rivals, fans and even members of the parakeet club. Atlético smiles, which in the last few hours has seen its women’s team lift the Copa de la Reina and its B get into the final for promotion. And they have a great advantage, the return of this new double-legged tie will be played in Majadahonda, where the rojiblancos appear to be 12. Tevenet has his Griezmann in Carlos Martín, the player who does everything well. With Gismera and Guerrero in the middle and the offensive trident ahead, the Primera RFEF is getting closer. There is only one last step left.

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