Carlos Martín knocks on Cholo’s door

It kept raining in Ponferrada as if buckets of water were thrown from the sky without that kid caring about the rain, the water, the cold. It was still raining in Ponferrada as soon as the game finished and Carlos Martin looked excited the stands in front of which he had just danced, in that rain. The top scorer for Tevenet’s team in the Second RFEF (eight goals and one assist) knocks on Cholo’s door insistently: it was key to the comeback of the rojiblancos that began losing 2-0 against Ponferradinain the friendly that meant walking again, stretching out for the competitions that return when the World Cup ends this Sunday (next Thursday the Cup, the Arenterio, on December 29 LaLiga, Atlético-Elche).

“I am very happy for the two goals. And for the players of the subsidiary who have asked to prove their worth and take advantage of the minutes. And they have served to achieve the comeback. Both in my case and the players we train with the first team, we are at the coach’s disposal”, declared the footballer at the end of the match without the smile leaving his mouth. “It could be a very nice year. The subsidiary is struggling to promote and it is our goal. We are available to the coach and that if Simeone needs us, we can help him ”, he added.

Shield/Team Flag

to the Griezmann

Carlos He was one of Simeone’s players with more minutes in the countryside, 76′, and with great performance. If part of the first team starters barely passed through the capital of Bierzo (Carrasco, Reinildo and little else), Carlos Martín did make himself felt. Renewed until 2026 last Aprilhe will spend 15 years at the rojiblanca Academywhich he arrived at in 2008 with Koke as a reference (not in vain made of him when last season Atlético de Torres beat Juvenil del Madrid in the round of 16 of the Youth League, placing an Atlético flag in the center of the Valdebebas field, scene of the match) and with Gabi’s ambition as a guide: “I don’t want to be a First Division player, I want to be an Atleti player”. “I have been able to help the team and I am welcome”, he said in Ponferrada, where he exercised a bit of griezmanna footballer in all positions, the masterpiece of Cholo’s football that, when Atlético finished playing in Ponferrada, it began to rain in the form of a torrent of football on Morocco in Qatar, to be a World Cup finalist.

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