Carlos III has a fortune of 2,060 million dollars, according to media

The personal fortune of King Charles III of England amounts to about 1,815 million pounds (2,060 million euros), after having received the inheritance from his mother, Elizabeth II, according to an analysis of his properties published today by the British newspaper "Guardian".

Although the newspaper admits that the real value of the monarch’s private properties is "impossible to know" and it is "hidden from public scrutiny"has assembled a team of 12 experts in the real estate, car and art markets, among other fields, to try to quantify that wealth.

Among other assets, the king inherited from his mother Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, surrounded by some 21,000 hectares of land, valued at 80 million pounds (90 million euros), and the land of Sandringham, in eastern England, with 6,400 hectares of arable land, valued at 250 million pounds (280 million euros).

Under a 1993 agreement between Elizabeth II and then-British Prime Minister John Major, assets passed from a monarch to her heir are exempt from inheritance tax, which in the UK amounts to 40% for estates above of 325,000 pounds (368,000 euros).

"Guardian" It also estimates that Carlos III owns private vehicles worth 6.3 million pounds (7.15 million euros), a philatelic collection valued at 100 million pounds (113 million euros) and pieces of art, including works by Salvador DalĂ­ and Marc Chagall, valued at 24 million pounds (27 million euros).

Asked by the newspaper, a spokesman for the king denied that the estimates are correct: "Although we do not comment on personal finances (of Carlos III), his figures with a creative mix of speculation, assumptions and incorrectness".

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Buckingham Palace declined to offer its own estimates, saying the sovereign’s accounts should "continue to be private, like those of any other individual".

Beyond the personal wealth of Carlos III, a large part of the properties used by the British royal family are included in the so-called Crown Estate, a conglomerate of land and assets valued at 15,600 million pounds (17,700 million euros) that formally belong to to the king, albeit with limited control.

Every year, the Government assigns 25% of the profits generated by this conglomerate to the Crown, an amount that in the 2020-2021 financial year was 86 million pounds (97 million euros).

In addition, the king receives annually the benefits of the duchy of Lancaster (some 18,000 rural hectares in England and various commercial and historical properties), about 20 million pounds (22 million euros) and his eldest son, William, those of the duchy of Cornwall – a similar amount-, which become part of his personal fortune.

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