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Carlos Alcaraz warns Djokovic: devastating plan to win Wimbledon 2023

One of the young promises of Spanish tennis, is preparing to face the grass tour with impetus that could last for a month

Carlos Alcaraz, the Murcian tennis player has a clear goal in mind: win Wimbledon 2023 and challenge tennis greats like Novak Djokovic. Alcaraz, who has recently recovered from an injury, will travel to London to participate in the prestigious Queen’s tournament. There he will have the opportunity to recover the world number one in case he wins the title.

Likewise, this tournament is he perfect setting to show your game on grass is up there with the best. During his stay in London, Alcaraz will be accompanied by Samuel López, his coach, waiting for Juan Carlos Ferrero to join him later for the Wimbledon tournament. This technical support will be essential in preparing him for the challenges that await him at the Grand Slam tournament.

Carlos Alcaraz seeks to win Wimbledon 2023

Alcaraz establishes his base in Wimbledon

the young talent he will settle in the house he has rented in the Wimbledon neighborhood, the same one he used last year, very close to the All England Club facilities. This accommodation not only provides comfort, but also the closeness necessary to prepare in the best way for the coming confrontations. Carlos Alcaraz has laid out a careful plan for his time on grass.

This includes playing at Queen’s and play a couple of exhibition matches in Hurlingham the week before the Grand Slam. It should be remembered that Alcaraz reached the round of 16 in the last edition of Wimbledon, and this year he will seek to improve his performance. The tennis player from El Palmar will debut at Wimbledon, the third ‘major’, on July 4. This tournament is one of the most prestigious on the circuit, and Alcaraz will have to unleash his full potential to stand out in the competition and challenge the greats of tennis.

After Wimbledon, the Hopman Cup

Once the tournament is over Wimbledon, Alcaraz will participate in the Nice Hopman Cup from July 19 to 23. In this tournament, which is played on clay, he will team up with Paula Badosa. Spain will share a group with Belgium and Croatia, which represents another challenge for the young tennis player, as well as a new opportunity to improve his professional career.

Carlos Alcaraz is at a key moment in his career. His skill, coupled with his determination and strategic planning, augurs well for him in the future. Wimbledon 2023 is shaping up to be a unique opportunity for the Murcian tennis player to show that he is ready to compete with the greats of the sport. The question is: will he live up to the hype? Only time will tell.

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