Carlos Alcaraz, surrounded by not very respectable people

A few days break from tennis was the reason for heavy criticism of the tennis player from Murcia

If you are a world leader in anything, you must understand that your actions have consequences. Carlos Alcaraz certainly already knows this after posing in the Murcia bullring. In an increasingly animalistic and anti-bullfighting world, Spanish tennis number one has disappointed thousands of followers.

But beyond that, it’s not like he went to the bullfights, which at the end of the day might have been extraordinary. Even more serious is the undertaking seen by Carlos Alcaraz, who took a few days off after the US Open. These companies are not exactly what you would call desirable people.

Alcaraz bulls
His unusual appearance at the La Condomina bullring during the Murcia fair

Carlos Alcaraz with the Bulls

Alcaraz went to the bullfights accompanied by Pepín Liria and José María Otín. The first is a former bullfighter who was once cited as a witness to sexual abuse at the bullfighting school he ran. The other is one of the monitors who was arrested for sexually abusing ten underage students.

That is, to the already criticized presence of a reference in world sport in a spectacle in decline and in constant criticism like bullfighting, we must add bad company. Carlos Alcaraz, born in 2003, was heavily criticized for this.

Eliminated from Davis Cup

And the tennis player from El Palmar, He couldn’t have chosen a worse thing to do on his days off.. After losing to Russia’s Medvedev in the US Open semifinals last Friday, Alcaraz withdrew from Davis Cup qualifying to rest and prepare for the end of the season.

An absence that raised a lot of dust in Valencia since the confrontation between Alcaraz and Djokovic had led to all tickets being sold. Now the Murcian has been replaced by Albert Ramos, who, with all due respect in the world, does not inspire the same expectations.

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