Carlos Alcaraz settles in the same hotel at Roland Garros as Rafa Nadal

Meliá Paris Tour Eiffel is Carlitos’ hotel in Paris

The promising Spanish tennis player, Carlos Alcarazreturns to Paris to participate in one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, Roland Garros. In preparing for him, Alcaraz appears to be following in the footsteps of the great champion, Rafa Nadal, by staying at the hotel that has been the iconic player’s home for his first fifteen French Open appearances.

The Parisian refuge of champions

The chosen hotel is none other than the Meliá Paris Tour Eiffel, belonging to the prestigious luxury brand Meliá Collection. Located a few meters from the Champs Elysées, this place is strategic for competitors, providing them with proximity to the tennis courts and the necessary peace to focus on the game.

This choice is not a simple coincidence. Alcaraz already experienced the hospitality of this place last year and was so satisfied with the excellent treatment of the hotel staff and its strategic location, that he has decided to repeat the experience this year.

Walking in the footsteps of a giant

The choice of the same hotel as Nadal can be seen as a nod of respect to the champion of 14 Roland Garros tournaments. But more than seeking good luck, this gesture underscores Alcaraz’s admiration and respect for Nadal’s legacy.

This choice can also be interpreted as an aspiration by Alcaraz to follow Nadal’s path of success at Roland Garros. The young tennis player is showing his willingness to absorb and learn from the experiences and achievements of the greats of the sport.

An imminent challenge at the Paris headquarters

The presence of Carlos Alcaraz at Roland Garros is enthusiastically anticipated by tennis lovers. At just 19 years old, Alcaraz has shown his talent and his potential to reach the top. His performance in the next tournament is awaited with expectation, as it promises to be an opportunity to demonstrate his growth and maturity as a player.

A bright future at Roland Garros

Following in the footsteps of Rafa Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz has an exciting and challenging path before him. Although it is too early to predict his success at Roland Garros, the fact that Alcaraz is preparing in the same Parisian “home” as Nadal may bode positively for his participation in the tournament.

With his dedication and undeniable talent, Alcaraz has all the tools to become the next big name in Spanish tennis. His decision to stay at the Meliá Paris Tour Eiffel, in addition to offering him a comfortable and pleasant stay in Paris, may also symbolize his willingness to follow the path laid out by the tennis greats and strive for his own achievements in this sport.

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