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Carlos Alcaraz copies Rafa Nadal’s secret to fly at the US Open: secret food

Carlos Alcaraz copies Rafa Nadal's secret to fly at the US Open: secret food

The young Spanish tennis player emulates the strategy of “La Fiera” at the US Open

At this year’s US Open, the young Spanish tennis player surprised not only with his talent on the court, but also with an unusual but effective choice of his diet during breaks in the game. Carlos Alcaráz follows in the footsteps of a living tennis legend, Rafa Nadal, by incorporating a secret food into your routine that seems to make a difference in your performance.

In the third round of the tournament, against a strong opponent like Daniel Evans, Alcaraz found themselves in a difficult situation where every point counted. It was then that decided to have a little unconventional snack on his chair, dates. This choice did not go unnoticed as his team recommended consuming these small fruits at the end of each set. The question is, what is behind this secret?

Carlos Alcaraz Rafael Nadal
Dates: a secret food for tennis success

Carlos Alcaraz follows in Rafa Nadal’s footsteps at the US Open

The answer to this question leads us to the character of Rafael Nadal, an iconic player who always carried a bag of dates next to his racquet. According to doctors, dates have an immediate effect on the body and do not affect the stomach, which makes them ideal for maintaining high energy levels during long and strenuous matches.

Alcaraz’s decision to go down this route is not surprising given the tradition in the ‘Spanish Army’ of food during games. Rafael Nadal, the undisputed leader of this army, is a strong advocate of dates as a quick source of energy. and sustainable.

Heat Challenge in New York

This year’s US Open presents an additional challenge for tennis players and Carlos Alcaraz is no exception. The organization have their games scheduled for the second shift of the day’s session at Arthur Ashe Stadium, meaning they will be played in intense heat. Temperatures are expected to reach 33 degrees in the round of sixteen against Matteo Arnaldi. In these conditions, hydration becomes a fundamental aspect of victory.

In these extreme conditions, Alcaraz’s decision to consume dates during breaks makes all the more sense. The ability to stay hydrated and at optimal energy levels can mean the difference between winning and losing at a tournament as prestigious as the US Open. The tennis world is watching with interest how this unique nutritional strategy can impact your tournament performance.

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