Carlos Alcaraz after triumph in Wimbledon:

The Spanish Carlos Alcaraz, brand new quarterfinalist at Wimbledon after defeating the Italian Matteo Berrettini, stated that he is “prepared to do great things here“for the confidence he has and the level he has shown throughout the tournament.

“With the confidence with which I come here, the level that I have been playing, nothing surprises me”, said the Spaniard regarding his level. “I know the abilities I have, what I am capable of. I am prepared to do great things here. I am very happy with the level I have shown, but it does not surprise me at all, beating Matteo”, added the Murcian, who will face in the quarterfinals to the Danish Holger Rune.

“I’m excited about this match, we’ve shared many moments, we’ve known each other since we were twelve years old. We don’t write to each other, but we know each other a lot and I’m looking forward to it and I’m sure he will too. He has a lot of passion, he loves tennis. He’s a very competitive guy.”

“Holger is not as serving as Jarry and Matteo, but he is still a player with a good serve, for me. Remembering the game in Paris, it was difficult for me to subtract him,” he said at a press conference.

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