Carles Pérez: “The penalty for Tapia is excessive”

Barely 24 hours after Renato Tapia’s three-match ban was announced, his teammate Carles Pérez appeared in the press room to show his support for the Peruvian. A demonstration that contrasts with the silence of the club, which did not even appeal this severe punishment before Appeal. On the other hand, the winger acknowledges that Carvalhal returned him to his natural position and hopes to continue next year in Vigo.

Sanction to Wall: “We think it’s a bit unfair, three games are too many. The team is supporting him, hoping that these matches will pass quickly and he will return with us.”

Celtic Silence: “The sanction seems excessive to me and in the team we can do little, we are supporting him as I said. I think that the club is already going to appeal (they inform him that they are not). I don’t know much about the subject, I’m a little on my ball. As I said, you have to support him and get him back as soon as possible. The rest does not depend on me, it depends on the club. Let’s see what those at the top decide and see what they do”.

Grievance comparative: “Yes, it is true that there have been many games in which they have not given us what they had to give us. The referees are for that and it may be that sometimes they make mistakes and that in others they shoot a little more for those above than those below. We are here to try to do our best and thus not depend on what the referee decides”.

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Despair: “I don’t know if you think I throw myself a lot, but I’m not a player who throws myself and if I fall it’s for something. They have to decide and unfortunately it didn’t go our way, but we have to get away from all this and focus on playing well and winning the games”.

Valladolid: “The team is very happy, in good dynamics. We come from four very good matches and we know the importance of this match. The team is hoping to take the three points”.

foul of goal: “It’s a bit frustrating to see that you shoot three times per game and it doesn’t quite go in. I practice it in training every day and the important thing is to create danger. If you keep trying, the goals will come for sure”.

Low Masip: “When a goalkeeper like Masip is not there, he helps us. Let’s see if the first goal finally arrives”.

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personal explosion: “At the beginning it was a bit difficult for me because I wasn’t playing where I was good at and since the new coach arrived he put me where I have always stood out. I am here to help the team, I feel very good now and I hope to continue growing. I think I’m at a good level, but I can improve on things”.

Transfer from Coudet to Carvalhal: “The system. Where I feel comfortable is playing as a winger, as I played for Barça, that’s what I’m good at. I think it was a major turning point for me.”

Continuity: “I’m a bit away from all this, I want to focus on finishing this second round well, but as I’ve already said several times I’m very good here and I’d like to stay”.

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