Caregiver on trial for the murders of four residents of a center for the disabled

The trial opened on Tuesday, October 26, at the Potsdam court in Germany, but the facts date back to April 28. The accused, a 52-year-old nurse, is suspected of having killed four residents of the center for the disabled in which she worked, but also of having attacked three other people.

That day, Ines Andrea R. stabbed to death two women and two men aged between 31 and 56. According to police findings, the injuries inflicted indicated “the use of intense, extreme violence”. The other three victims were assaulted but not killed, one of them, a 43-year-old woman, was nevertheless seriously injured.

serious mental disorders

Showing “obvious” signs of mental disorder according to the prosecution, the accused was admitted to a psychiatric facility immediately after the incident. If it is possible that Ines Andrea R. is not declared fully legally responsible, the prosecutor in charge of the case nevertheless considers that his act was deliberate.

It relies in particular on the fact that the accused had made sure to see her two colleagues present that evening occupied with other tasks before attacking the residents. In addition, the former nursing assistant admitted to being aware “that they could not defend themselves”. The Thusnelda-von-Saldern-Haus welcomes people with disabilities, the blind and autistic people, in particular.

Mother of two sons, one of whom is severely disabled, Ines Andrea R. has so far confided in her dream of being a nurse, hampered by many years of mental illness. Evoking a difficult relationship with her own mother, the accused claimed to have felt “a great sadness and fear in the face of life, from the age of 5”.

For the time being, the alleged murderer, however, has not spoken about her motivations. One of the challenges of the trial, which should last at least until early December, will therefore be to understand what pushed her to commit acts of such violence.

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