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Cardona: “Laser suits me well; I want another medal”

Joan Cardona (Mahón, Menorca, 1998) is enjoying SailGP aboard the F50 Win. He is immersed in this project after his bronze medal in Tokyo and it is something that is helping him to live a sweet transition into another class. Wants to be in Paris 2024 and it is clear that, after seeing how Finn no longer has a place in the Olympic Games, the way to achieve it is switching to Laser. He has work ahead because he has to adapt his body, lose 15 kilos, and he is excited and eager. He would arrive in Paris in 2024 at the age of 26 and he looks at his best. AS talks to him in Cádiz and describes his most immediate steps.

-What feelings did the debut in Cádiz leave you?

-A bit bittersweet because we started off pretty bad. It was a complicated day, if you didn’t have the best start it was difficult to move well between the fleet since they took away all the wind. In the second heat we went well and we won and in the third a great effort was made and a fifth place was signed. It was not the best day, but we are still happy and I think we learned a lot to try to be in the Grand Final.

-How is it to compete at home?

-It’s incredible, Cádiz is treating us great. It is exciting and we are very happy to be here.

-Do you have options to reach the Grand Final?

-Yes, we are only one point from the third. It is our goal. We are in the fight and we will do everything possible to arrive and try to win.

-What do you feel when you get on the F50 Victoria?

-The team is getting better and better, there is a very good atmosphere. We are very motivated to continue and do well.

-It’s already clear that she is going to switch to Laser now that Finn is no longer Olympian. Does SailGP help you make the transition smoother?

-The idea is to combine it because I think this helps me a lot as a person and a sailor. Being in a big team helps me to be more methodical for the Olympic class. My personal goal is to be in Paris 2024 and get another medal for Spain.

-Why Laser?

-It is a short cycle, a class in which I already sailed for four years before switching to Finn and I think it is the one that best suits me. I like to take the helm and sail alone, so now that is the only option I have.

-What effort do you have to make to adapt to Laser?

-I had to lose 15 kilos and now I only have eight. I will achieve it. I got on my bike in Mallorca, which I love and is a paradise, and it helps me get in shape and lose weight.

-Do you also follow a diet?

-Our nutritionist, who is also the physical trainer, has given us some guidelines of what to eat and what not to eat. I try to eat carbohydrates, even if they are few to have energy in training, protein and a lot of vegetables.

-Do you have any forbidden food?

-If I train for five or six hours on the bike, I give myself a whim. But pizza for dinner I try to avoid it and it is what costs me the most. Also maybe the sweet.

-When are you going to start preparing for the Olympic race?

-Next Monday I’m going to Santander to train with Joel Rodríguez, we are going to make a team for this cycle. I really want to start training with him, who is also one of my best friends. We want to raise the level of Laser in Spain, which has always been difficult for us in this class, and go all out in the Olympic Games.

-How has Joel Rodríguez taken you to go to Laser?

-Very good, he is an incredible person and very competitive. He is not happy with his results in Tokyo and now, if between the two of us, we manage to raise the level of the class it will be good for Spain. After the Games we will see who goes, but if the objective of improving the level is met, we will be happy. We really want to work together

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