Cardi B showed her most vulnerable side before a court in which she confessed, between sobs, that she came to contemplate the idea of ​​committing suicide when she felt defamed by the youtuber Latasha Kebe, known as Tasha K, who commented between 2018 and 2019 that the rapper of of Dominican origin continued to work as a prostitute, that she had sexually transmitted diseases and that she used drugs on a regular basis.

"I wanted to kill myself. I felt defeated and depressed and didn’t want to sleep with my husband (Offset)"Cardi B said through tears on the bench of a federal court in Georgia, according to the TMZ portal.

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, real name of the rapper, went to court in Georgia, in which she broke down in tears on several occasions and also revealed that she has suffered migraines, anxiety and fatigue due to the tension derived from so many insults, the portal reviewed. of the newspaper El Diario de New York.

Cardi B expressed that despite the difficulties she has gone through throughout her life, such as lack of financial resources and physical abuse, Kebe’s statements had been deeply hurtful.

The artist demands financial compensation from the defendant and that she retract the “false and defamatory information” that she spread.






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