Cardboard beds at the Tokyo Olympics to avoid relationships between athletes

Although the document does not specify anything about the sex, it seems that the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics they are doing the “impossible” to keep competitors from having sex.

Despite the above, they will distribute condoms to athletes, a common measure in the Olympic Games since 1998 at the initiative of the International Olympic Committee.

The head of the organizing committee explained that “they have wanted to continue this awareness-raising measure”, however, they will ask athletes not to use them during the competition, in accordance with the anti-covid measures.AdChoices ADVERTISING

But that wasn’t all, they also took other drastic measures to prevent participants from having intimate encounters.

Organizers distributed 18 thousand in Vila Olímpica beds They are made of cardboard, which support only one person’s weight and are designed to break with sudden movements so that athletes cannot use them for sexual intercourse.

To fulfill the commitment to prioritize sustainability, they clarified that the cardboard of beds will be reused once the competition ends.

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