Cardano launches new update for Daedalus wallet, you need to know this

It cardano (ADA) network continues to develop behind the scenes despite the current state of the market. The company behind Cardano, IOHK, announced yesterday that they have released a new update of their Daedalus wallet have launched on the mainnet which should bring multiple improvements.

Daedalus wallet

The Daedalus wallet is a crypto wallet designed by the team at Cardano. It is a software wallet which supports ADA, among others, but also all others cryptocurrencies that are built on the Cardano network. In addition, users on Daedalus can also stake their ADA to earn a nice annual return.

The latest version of Daedalus, 5.1.0, ensures that the wallet can be better integrated with existing hardware wallets such as those from Trezor and Ledger. In addition, Daedalus’ Babbage will receive support and issues that surfaced regarding calculating parties dissolved.

According to IOHK’s announcement, existing users will be able to update to the latest version via the Daedalus newsfeed. The team does indicate that it is very important that users only download the update via the official website for security reasons.

IOHK also makes it clear once again that Daedalus only exists for desktop computers. If a mobile version of the wallet is advertised somewhere, this is most likely a common scam.

These warnings are not without reason, as Daedalus wallet users are often the target of elaborate scams. For example, in August 2021, someone tried to cheat users of their ADA via a fake website where they had to “update” their Daedalus wallets.

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Cardano development

It is now clear that the Cardano team is not sitting still. Not long ago, the long-awaited Vasil hard fork launched on the network and almost immediately the next major improvements of the network were already looking forward to.

Just over a week ago was in the cardano news read that founder Charles Hoskinson even announced a new era: the “Voltaire” era. One thing is certain, there is still a lot to do for the Cardano network.

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