Home Business Cardano is about to explode, can the price rise to $0.80?

Cardano is about to explode, can the price rise to $0.80?

Cardano is about to explode, can the price rise to $0.80?

Cardano (ADA), one of the most popular crypto coins in the industry, is not only developing positively on the market, but has also announced exciting collaborations for 2024. In my latest video I share my pricing analysis and discuss the latest developments.

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Cardano uptrend

Cardano’s price chart shows a bullish trend with a recent annual high just before the new year. Despite the usual resistance levels, Cardano continues to find support on the 21st day moving average. A symmetrical triangle is formed, which is often a bullish The pattern suggests that an upward breakout is possible. You can find out which price levels are discussed in the video.

Not only the technical analysis, but also news about possible collaborations are fueling the hype. Cardano’s lead developer has shared a promising outlook for 2024. Collaborations with projects such as Arbitrum (ARB), a popular scaling solution on Ethereum (ETH), and the Mina protocol are revealed.

The collaborations focus on promoting gaming on Cardano and improving scalability and accessibility. I share more details in the video.

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