Cardano founder criticizes XRP community’s ‘conspiracy theories’

Charles Hoskinson, the big man at cardano (ADA), recently commented on the lawsuit between the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and ripple (XRP). The reaction to his statements from the XRP community has been fierce. In a interview with BitBoy Hoskinson therefore argues that he dislikes the amount of “conspiracy theories” emerging from this community.

XRP Community

Not long ago, Hoskinson expressed his belief that Ripple was being sued by the SEC because there is actually a great lack of clarity regarding regulation in the United States. While you may agree or disagree with this statement, it has come under heavy attack from the XRP community.

XRP supporters have claimed that large-scale corruption was involved and even that the SEC was using the lawsuit Ethereum (ETH) network would like to help. Since Hoskinson is also a co-founder of Ethereum, Ripple supporters accused him of siding with SEC. According to Hoskinson, this is of course nonsense and therefore calls on the XRP community to stop spreading conspiracy theories.

“But my only comment was that I should focus on what is going to win and focus on building bridges and relationships. Those comments, thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets, made it trending on Twitter, big conspiracy. People attacked me, called me a cranky kid, unprofessional. All vitriol and negativity,” he said.

Ripple CTO David Schwartz

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, also gave on Twitter indicated that he was disappointed with the XRP community’s response to Charles Hoskinson’s statements. He argued that it made him sad and that the community should recognize that Hoskinson is on the same side as Ripple.

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However, this was not enough for Hoskinson himself. He felt that Schwartz and other top executives at Ripple should take more responsibility and tell the XRP community more clearly that spreading baseless conspiracy theories does more damage than it helps the cause.

“I was a little disappointed in David Schwartz and others who said there was a lot to be said and it makes me sad. How about growing a few balls and telling your community not to be conspiratorial. Maybe you should, because in the end we all have to live in this room together and this madness won’t solve anything.”

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