Cardamom: what are the health benefits of this spice?

From the same family as ginger or turmeric, cardamom is a very present spice in Indian cuisine and more generally in Southeast Asia. But it is also used as a remedy for its many virtues. These are its main benefits.

The spice is a true ally for the entire digestive system. It stimulates the production of bile, reduces bloating and the feeling of a bloated stomach, relieves heartburn … Thanks to its antimicrobial and antifungal action, it will also regulate the intestinal flora.

In Ayurvedic medicine, cardamom is also used as an antiseptic against oral ailments. In case of gum sores, simply chew a seed in the morning. Rich in vitamin B2, it provides an analgesic effect.

Chewing a cardamom seed every morning also helps fight bad breath. It will leave a lasting freshness sensation. It can also be a good idea after eating garlic dishes. The cardamom will neutralize its odor.

This little seed is a true concentrate of benefits. With its antioxidant content, in addition to minerals such as calcium, magnesium or iron, cardamom helps to combat the action of free radicals and therefore to combat the effects of premature aging.

Ground in yogurt or infused in hot water, there is no shortage of ideas to integrate cardamom into your diet in order to lose weight. First it will help reduce the fat in the abdominal belt. Rich in fiber, it also provides a feeling of satiety.

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