Car buying has a new customer profile: the subscriber

Interest grows in buying cars in Spain

users of Wabithe subscription car service of Santander Consumer Financehave the vehicle of their choice within a maximum period of 72 hours and in the current context, this speed and ease of accessing the selected car is becoming increasingly relevant, since, on average, buyers of new vehicles continue to be forced to wait about half a year for the car to be delivered.

In fact, according to Faconauto, average waiting timefrom the time the vehicle is purchased until the user can finally dispose of it, is 6 months, that is, a waiting period 6 times higher than what we experienced in 2019. But, depending on the car’s specifications, this time can be even longer and, for example, in the case of electric carsaccording to Sumauto, this delay reaches 7 months on average.

Even in this situation, which has lasted since the pandemic, Drivers in Spain do not renounce the use of a private vehicle. Wabi’s subscription car model is becoming the solution also for those drivers who need to cover their needs quickly and who do not want to give up having the most modern technology that reduces their fuel consumption and their environmental impact. Wabi’s flexibility and ease of subscription, as well as having absolute control of spending, thanks to the monthly fee that includes everything except fuel, are important advantages for its users. In addition, the subscription car -and specifically Wabi with the monthly packs- is also positioning itself as an alternative to renting, since despite its growth, waiting times are also lengthening.

The Global Automotive Executive Survey, prepared by KPMG, points to the consolidation of the subscription model, anticipating important changes in the vehicle ownership model, since a vast majority of those surveyed –84% in global data and 74% in Spain– considers that subscription will be a competitive model, compared to traditional sales and rentals, in 2030.

It is shown that Wabi’s commitment to ease, comfort and simplicity in contracting is an adapted and successful formula, since they are increasingly determining factors and it is expected that in the coming years they will acquire even more weight, as confirmed by studies. such as the one mentioned prepared by KPMG, in which the managers surveyed point out that a smooth and hassle-free experience will be a more important buying factor than the performance of the vehicle itself.

The 2022 Global Automotive Consumer Study points out that 84% of buyers prefer to go to the dealership rather than make the purchase completely online. Offer your users a service that combines a simple digital experience with the confidence of physical presence at dealerships is another of the differential factors in the Wabi subscription service, because thanks to its network of dealers -which, in addition, thanks to the subscription service, can mobilize and make profitable their stock of used vehicles and zero kilometer-, users can count on with them and their professionals to try out the chosen vehicle and answer questions or receive it at the same dealership instead of at your own home.

We created Wabi to be a mobility solution adapted to the needs of any user and it is very gratifying to see that we are doing so even in scenarios that we could not foresee, such as delays in the delivery of new vehicles. The key for us is to have made the service simple and that users can have a car when they need it, quickly, easily and flexibly.”, they conclude in Wabi.


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