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Captain America: Brave New World: Given the disastrous test screenings, there will be major reshoots

Brave New World - Disney

A few days earlier, Wonder decided to anticipate several major projects in order to take the lead in the face of the various crises that plague the company. Given the poor commercial reception of The wonders which could become the least profitable project of the whole thing MCU and the delays in filming due to the actors’ strike in SAG-AFTRAalmost all of the projects MCU have been postponed except to 2025 Deadpool 3 from Shawn Levy. If some of these reports were beyond doubt (Especially Thunderbolts and Blade, whose filming had not yet been completed), that from Captain America: Brave New World is more surprising.

Some insiders had claimed that this was a project that was at a more advanced stage than that of Deadpool 3 and that it could be the next film MCU then come to the cinemas The wonders. However, the film was actually postponed February 12, 2025. The podcast The hot mic recently stated that the film Julius Onah was postponed due to a disastrous test screening, which warranted the massive reshooting of three very important scenes from the feature. This discrepancy could allow the company to become expensive Kevin Fig to fine-tune your film before sending it to the cinema. It remains to be seen whether the announced rumor is true. The only film can now be found in 2024 MCU will be the third adventure of Dead Pool.

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