Canva presents its new features with AI

canvas Enter the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The simplified graphic design platform has recently held its virtual event Canva Create 2023, where they have presented all the novelties that they are going to incorporate. The tools that have attracted the most attention are those that use AI to facilitate the work of designs and its new Brand Hub center, to facilitate the creation of brand designs.

Canva’s AI tools

He Canva Visual Suite has undergone a transformation, from now on we will find many more features that will facilitate our tasks when designing with the platform. Some of the novelties are:

One of the first novelties that we can see is Assistantwhich will be like our personal assistant within the platform, since it will it will give you quick access to features and help us come up with ideas for our designs. Recommendations will be based on our existing style and designs. In addition, it stands out for giving us quick access to functions with AI.

Images are a key element in our designs and Canva wants to make it easy for us to find the perfect photo. Magic Edit (or Magic Editor) allows you to add or replace any element within an image. And with Magic Eraser (magic eraser) you can remove unwanted distractions with a magic brush.

On the other hand, with Magic Design You can upload an image and instantly the platform makes a series of designs with it choosing the fonts, images, graphics and styles, to obtain the perfect design. Afterwards, the user can choose the design that he likes the most and download it. It can be used for everything from billboards to birthday cards. It can also be used to create attractive presentations easily, just ask it to create a variety of presentations with an outline and content.

Now you can also use its tool Draw to draw your ideas and make sketches of your designs. It offers a wide variety of brushes that allow you to change colors and select the weight to make the best freehand designs. The solution is integrated in this tool Shape Assistant to help refine designs.

Canva will have a Translator that in a few simple steps is capable of translating a complete design into another language. You can find more than 100 languages ​​to translate your designs.

Not only have they developed news for images, the AI ​​will also be present in the Canva video editor with its tool Beat Sync that allows you to choose a soundtrack and adapt the video to the rhythm of the music.

Last year Canva launched Magic Write for Canva Docs, seeing the good reception it has had in the community and the use it was being used for, they have announced that it can now be used Magic Write (Magical Writing) throughout the Visual Worksuite, that is, it will be present on websites, presentations, social networks, whiteboards and more, to write texts easily and quickly. For example, you may be asked to write a text on a specific topic or to give us ideas to write on our blog. In addition, it is available in 18 languages, making this generative AI tool one of the first to be available globally.

Text to Image (text to image) is another of the new tools. AI allows you to transform what you write into an image.

Apart from these tools, the company has added other innovations such as:

  • “Styles” which allows users to search for suggested color palettes and fonts.
  • “Layers” to see all your elements in one place, including text, shapes, images, and video.
  • “Alt Text” can provide additional context to images and elements to describe them for people with visual impairments or accessibility needs.
  • “Fonts” have added 953 new fonts, including Arial, Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.
  • “Gradients” add depth and character to your design with customizable gradients.

Welcome to BrandHub

The company’s second big news is Brand Hub, a range of new tools and features designed to help brands realize their designs. This area includes a new tool Magic Replace that allows users to quickly update brand designs, for example when there is a logo change.

Another novelty is Brand Kit, updated brings together all your brand ingredients, assets, controls, and workflows to help you stay consistent as your content needs grow. This is where you upload and store all the core elements of your brand so they live together for your entire team to find on demand, whether they’re the artists or the accountants.

Ten years ago, we launched Canva driven by a vision to empower everyone to design anything, no matter their skills or experience.said the co-founder and CEO of Canva, Melanie Perkins, it’s a statement. “Today, we’re excited to advance that vision by introducing a whole new range of features, focused on empowering brands to scale their creative products. As technology continues to advance, we’re reinventing the design process by making it even easier to take what’s in your head, put it on a page, and go out into the world, faster than ever.”.

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