Canoe battle fought in Italy, interesting video

A Canoe Festival was celebrated in the historic city of Ivoria, Italy, in which citizens enthusiastically pushed 600 tons of canoes against each other.

You must have heard about many wars in the world. Movies and dramas have also seen accounts of wars that are fought in every era with the best weapons available at that time. But in this age of science and technology development, there is a war in the developed country of Italy which is not fought with weapons but with the delicious fruit cano.

We are talking about the annual Orange Festival in Italy which, like every year, was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the historic city of Ivoria in February this year.

600 tons of canoes were provided for this exciting canoe battle. Children, young, old, men and women all participated in the festival and tried to attack each other with canoes.

Meanwhile the canoes were thrown in all directions to kill each other. Citizens dressed in colorful clothes were seen with canoes in their hands looking for targets and then fighting. On this occasion, many people also put protective shades in front of their faces to avoid the attacks of the canoe.

This interesting war-like festival of Kino has a long history. In this, whoever hits the maximum number of canoes on the head of his competitor is considered the Surma of the festival.

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