Cannes Film Festival 2023: Pierre Niney and Blanche Gardin in “The Book of Solutions” hilarious self-fiction by Michel Gondry

“If you still needed proof that the filmmakers are completely bonkers, here’s one.” The few words of Blanche Gardin, a few minutes from the Cannes screening of Michel Gondry’s latest film, announce the color. The solution book, brilliant self-portrait of an ultra-creative and indomitable director, allows himself all the eccentricities. This mixture of ingenuity, craftsmanship and creative madness brings a joyful sense of humor to the selection of Fortnight of filmmakers.

As annoying as endearing

In the guise of Pierre Niney, as annoying as he is endearing, Marc is a misunderstood director, the nightmare of producers concerned about their return on investment. When he understands that the financiers of his film are preparing to finish it without him, he flees with his team and his rushes to his aunt Denise in the Cévennes.

Excerpt from the film "Le livre des solutions" by Michel Gondry.  With Pierre Niney and Blanche Gardin
The Jokers Movies

This uncompromising team leader, whose ideas fuse day and night, brings in his wake, a stubborn editor (Blanche Gardin) who oscillates between benevolent protection and exasperation, a devoted production manager (Frankie Wallach) and an allergic assistant who has the gift of coughing in all circumstances. A benevolent and welcoming pillar of this small community, Aunt Denise (Françoise Lebrun) watches over her genius-looking nephew with unfailing love.

Funny and poetic

Marc’s frenzy is incredibly funny and poetic. solution book, like its main character, allows itself all the digressions. This is how a paper fox opens his hair salon in the middle of the film and Denise finds herself passing on her cooking secrets in a DVD dedicated to climate recipes.

Through this touching portrait of a man who feels “sad in the morning and manipulated in the afternoon”, Michel Gondry goes far in self-mockery. It also pays tribute to all those who, despite anger and uncontrollable creative frenzy, tenderly protect this tormented artist who is unable to watch his film in its entirety.

The story does not say if Michel Gondry himself viewed his film before its screening at Cannes. Whatever the answer, this comedy comes highly recommended.

The movie poster "The Solution Log" by Michel Gondry (The Jokers Films)

The sheet

Gender : Comedy
Director: Michael Gondry
Actors: Pierre Niney, Blanche Gardin, Françoise Lebrun, Vincent Elbaz, Frankie Wallach and Camille Rutherford
Country : France
Duration : 1h42
Exit : Shortly

Summary: Marc fled with his entire team to a small village in the Cévennes to finish his film at his aunt Denise’s. On site, his creativity manifests itself in a million ideas that plunge him into a bizarre chaos. Marc then embarks on writing the Book of Solutions, a practical advice guide that could well be the solution to all his problems.

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