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Cañellas: “Maintaining this rate of success is very difficult”

Joan Cañellas (Santa María de Palautordera, 1983) suffered an untimely injury in preparation for the Tokyo Games. Finally, Jordi Ribera ruled him out. Now, he returns to the European Selection of Hungary and Slovakia (January 13 to 30), in which Spain defends the crown after winning the last two editions (2018 and 2020). Concentrated in Madrid, speak with AS.

How about your return with the Hispanics? A very changed group has been found …

The truth is that many new faces. You breathe youth. We will be in Madrid until the 30th, then we will return on the 2nd, in Cuenca, and if everything goes normal on the 10th we travel. The truth is that the situation with the coronavirus is very stressful and we try to minimize contacts: from the hotel to training …

After playing in Spain, Germany, Macedonia, Hungary … this summer he ended up at the Swiss Kadetten. How are you?

Well, in many ways it is more or less how I expected it. A club with different goals than what I have been used to in my career. (They play the EHF Cup, the second European competition). I signed two years.

Were you able to return to Spain in the past market?

My intention was to get as close as possible to our country, also thinking especially of my family. He looked at France, Portugal … and Switzerland got in the way. It is a strong League that allows me to continue with options to come to the National Team.

In 2022 he will be 36 years old. Would you like to finish your career at Asobal?

One thing is clear to me: from Switzerland I will go to Spain. It may already be retired or to play. I would say that Barça is the only club that is 100% professional in Asobal, and that is sad. I have very good memories of Granollers (he played in two stages), but everything will be seen, and in what conditions, because I would not want to come to Spain to drag myself.

A muscle injury left him without going to Tokyo. Can that thorn be removed?

No, that one will stay there forever and you have to accept it. I was glad they got bronze, but all those acts at the COE, the names on the plaques … these are things I’ve always dreamed of.

Do you think that the coach could have called you up for Tokyo even if you were not there for the start of the Games?

I prefer not to answer.

Spain resisted the European Championship until 2018, in 2020 it repeated, and now it is 2022 …

We come from a lot of great gigs, and keeping up with this rate of hits is very difficult. We have managed to hold on, and over time what we have achieved in the last 10-15 years will be greatly appreciated.

Would reaching the semifinals with this change of cycle be a great success?

It would be a smash hit. The team is very different, with many new people who have not played a great championship. They have to adapt. One of the strengths of this group was the experience of playing at critical and important moments.

Without Raúl Entrerríos, Aginagalde, Sarmiento, Morros … in your case, will you continue with Spain after the European Championship?

In principle, yes, we will try to help as much as possible in that mix that we now have of youth and seniority. The blow of not going to Tokyo was very hard, and I only want to enjoy handball, I do not set deadlines. Time will tell.

Gold favorites?

France, Denmark, Norway … and I see Hungary very well. We will go for it all.

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