Candido Carrera: "The harmony with Dani Sordo is very good"

Overnight he has become a co-driver for an official team in the World Rally Championship. Cándido Carrera, Dani Sordo’s new partner, debuts Hyundai’s ‘suit of lights’ at the Acropolis Rally.

“His life has changed in the blink of an eye.”

“Yes, but I’m living it in the most natural way possible.” Trying to work to the maximum as always and to take advantage of the opportunity, absorb everything you can learn, but above all calmly. I want to remain the same, adapting to the person I am going to accompany.

-How was the process? Was Sordo’s call a surprise?

—Surprise, something, although I always work to be at the best level because this is a very volatile world. And when Dani called me, I said to myself: ‘Let’s take the opportunity.’ We were already together in a Monte Carlo test, but in the end it did not work, and now we are here.

– How were the first contact?

—First we did the reconnaissance at the Ypres Rally to find out how the team works and make kilometers of adaptation to the notes. Then came the opportunity to run in Cantabria with the Acropolis test in the same week, and it was very intense, although very interesting because we were able to do many kilometers together, something necessary to connect. For me it was important because I was able to know how the World Cup car is going in Greece and at the same time ride without the pressure of the World Cup, but already in a race. It was very good for me, not only in the competition, but also before, when I got to know the different protocols with Dani.

“And have they coupled well?”

—There is always something to improve, but the tuning is very good. We understand each other very well in all aspects, both in the sports car, inside the car, and outside we are also quite similar. And it is important, because this is still like a marriage in which we spend a lot of time together, and the better it works in all aspects, the better it will go inside the car.

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“And with the team?”

“With the sensational team.” They welcomed me with great affection, eager to help me. Is awesome. It is a first level team, the world champion team and from the boss to the last mechanic they have supported me at all times. Everything works in a big way, designed so that the driver and co-driver feel as comfortable as possible to fight for the victories. They make everything much easier for you, with many people watching over you.

“Expecting the Acropolis Rally?”

—It’s a rally that I like the most in the World Championship. I ran it twice and I find it very beautiful, very attractive, and Dani was also very good when he ran it. Obviously, we are going to fight to be on top, for the podium, for the victory … for whatever is necessary. Now is the time to value the work we have done together.

– Is it difficult for a co-pilot to change from one pilot to another?

—It all depends on how you adapt, because not everyone has the same ease of adaptation. Maybe I, because I’ve already raced with a lot of riders, it doesn’t usually cost me too much to learn the way I sing notes and work.

“Is there a future in this relationship?”

“Of course I’m working to make it that way, and Dani too.” He is helping me a lot and is making me grow as a co-driver, because he has a lot of experience. My goal is to stay by his side until he retires.

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