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CANAL +: the series “Time” with Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) arrives on November 29 on Canal +

CANAL +: the series "Time" with Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) arrives on November 29 on Canal +

The mini-series “Time” arrives on Canal + from November 29, with 4 episodes of remarkable intensity. It will be available in full the same day on the myCANAL streaming platform.

Viewers will find two exceptional comedians in the person of Sean Bean, the unforgettable Ned Stark of Game of Thrones, as well as Stephen Graham, who was widely noticed in the series produced by Martin Scorcese, Boardwalk Empire. Aired last June across the Channel on the British channel BBC, Time is a prison thriller that follows the story of Mark Cobden, a professor sentenced to 4 years in prison for manslaughter following a road accident, then that he was intoxicated.

Gnawed by guilt, devastated by separation from his family, he finds himself totally helpless when confronted with the prison environment. As soon as he arrives, he meets Eric McNally, a caring prison officer who makes it a point of honor to protect those in his charge. But whose past could play tricks on him. Between the walls of this Liverpool prison, the fate of these two men will collide, forcing each of them to make difficult choices.

The Time miniseries is not one to beat around the bush. In four episodes, the pen of screenwriter Jimmy McGovern strives to forcefully portray the brutality of the British prison system and the coldness of its administration. Sean Bean manages beautifully to transcribe the despair of Mark who, in addition to being responsible for the death of an innocent person due to his destructive alcoholism, is now confronted with hostile fellow inmates who see him as an easy target.

Facing him, Stephen Graham is just as captivating in the skin of this prison officer who, after 22 years of an exemplary career, finds himself facing an insoluble dilemma that threatens to turn his life and that of his family upside down. No choice in front of him is the right one. And he knows full well that he will have to assume the consequences.

The tension is suffocating, the script is a jewel of writing, and the interpretation is delightfully correct. Time is one of those series that takes you to the guts from the first episode, and promises to turn your stomach at the conclusion of the last.

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