CANAL +: Blanche Gardin’s genius at work in her series “The best version of myself”

Blanche Gardin stop the humor! For his first foray into the world of television series, the comedian offers with “The best version of myself” a false documentary in the form of a delicious extension of his scenic alter ego.

Declined in 9 episodes, the series follows Blanche Gardin at a pivotal moment in its existence. The artist suffers from digestive problems – which she draws inspiration from in her shows despite everything – since the beginning of her career. His meeting with a naturopath turns the course of his life upside down. The latter explains to her that her stage performances, in which she practices self-mockery, have locked her in a loop of negativity from which she must absolutely escape. Blanche Gardin then embarked on the road of personal development, the quest for well-being, and spiritual research. Not without having previously announced his decision to end his career.

Pursuing the life of her stage character in a series in 9 episodes is a potentially risky bet for Blanche Gardin. Especially in the form of the mock documentary, a model widely exploited on television – especially American comedies such as The Office or Parks and Recreation – with which it can seem difficult to stand out. The talent of the comedian, and the way in which this project was conceived, however manages to avoid the frontal comparison. The best version of myself turns out to be a creation in its own right where the humor of the young woman is expressed through her characters, with a lot of subtlety. And sometimes even in a dramatic tension which can surprise.

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“In the mock-documentary, the characters are constantly struggling with their own otherness. The comedy comes from the times when they themselves don’t realize it. They can contradict themselves in the same sequence, have things that ‘escape them’, be by turns silly, mean, touching, sensitive, we can still love them, because we are the voyeurs, and that makes us more lenient towards them, and reminds us that we ourselves, if we had a camera pointed at us all the time, would perhaps not be so beautiful to watch live as we fantasize about it ”, explains Blanche Gardin in a note from ‘Warning.

The best version of myself, to discover on CANAL + from December 6 at 9 p.m. All episodes will be available on myCANAL immediately.

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