Canadian government will not advertise on Facebook-Instagram

Due to the new law in Canada, Meta has decided to stop sharing news links on its platforms Facebook and Instagram. Meta, the company that owns the two platforms. Canada’s Minister of Heritage and Culture, Pablo Rodriguez, called the decision to cancel the link share “absurd” and “reckless”. He said that the Canadian government will cancel all their ads on Facebook and Instagram. News: CTV News.

A couple of weeks ago, a new law called the Online News Act (C-18) was passed in Canada. It has been said that news links are shared on the platforms of technology companies including Google and Meta. The technology companies will be obliged to pay the producers of that news i.e. media. Earlier, Australia passed a similar law in 2021.

Following the passage of the law, Meta as well as Google announced a ban on news link sharing from their platforms in Canada. Minister Pablo Rodriguez, however, on Tuesday urged the two tech giants to sit at the negotiating table.

After the above complaints from the Canadian media, the country took the initiative to make new laws for them. The media claimed that social networking sites were doing business by using their content, while creating news that they could not profit from.

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