Canada will begin tonight to deport migrants after agreement with the US

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this Friday that his country will begin to deport migrants and refugees, many from Latin America, who cross into his territory through unofficial entry points after having passed through the US. USA

Trudeau made that announcement during a joint press conference with US President Joe Biden, visiting Canada and after both countries reached a new immigration agreement.

The agreement seeks to satisfy the concerns that Canada has expressed about the growing number of asylum seekers, many from Latin America, who have arrived in its territory in recent months due to the difficulty of doing so in the US due to new restrictions imposed by Biden.

Specifically, the agreement will allow Canada to deport to the US migrants who cross the border between the two countries through crossings that are not official points of entry.

This point will make it possible to solve the problems that the Roxham Road border crossing between the province of Quebec (Canada) and the state of New York (USA) has been experiencing and through which hundreds of people have entered to seek refuge in Canada. people in the last few months.

In exchange for accelerating these deportations, Canada has agreed to receive 15,000 migrants from the American continent next year.

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