Canada: Uncontrollable megafires ravage the country from East to West

Last day of training for French firefighters on Quebec soil. A hundred French people came to lend a hand to their Canadian colleagues, exhausted by weeks of fighting devastating fires. All are seasoned professionals, but must train in the new terrain and North American equipment.

Nearly 400 fires ravage Canada

“We cannot work in the same way as at home given the environment which is totally different. The topography, the vegetation is completely different”, explains Fabrice Mossé, chief of operations of the southern detachment, sent to Quebec. Many interventions will be done by helicopter, as the areas are large. Nearly 400 fires are currently ravaging Canada, from the east coast to the west of the country. At the edge of the Pacific, walls of fire in British Columbia are currently the most out of control.

Meteorologists point to global warming. Since the beginning of the year, more than 2,400 Canadian fires have followed one another. Rain is expected Sunday, June 11 in Western Canada, a little respite for firefighters.

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