Canada Announces Early Elections

According to media reports, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that federal parliamentary elections will take place across the country on September 20. He made this announcement after a very important meeting with Canadian Governor General Marie Simon.

According to media reports, Judge Trudeau, in a meeting with Canadian Governor General Marie Simon, ordered the annulment of parliament and the launch of an election campaign in accordance with the law.

After meeting with the Governor General of Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau told a news conference that the Governor General had accepted the request for early elections and had started the 36-day campaign for Canada’s 44th federal election۔

In the country’s snap elections on September 20, 27.3 million voters will elect 338 members of parliament.

The poll suggests that the Liberals will win a third consecutive election, but will not regain a majority in the 300-seat House of Commons. It depends on the parties.

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